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System - Content Security Policy
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j3.x -j4.x
System - Content Security Policy
System - Content Security Policy 12
System - Content Security Policy 23
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Created 2022-11-05
Version 1.4.4
Developer: Michael Richey
Size 72.41 KB
Author Azrolan
Downloads 20
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The System - Content Security Policy plugin(s) bring this much needed security functionality to Joomla. The fun doesn't stop there - this set of plugins also implements the report-uri feature of the CSP. You can capture your own csp-report via the included AJAX plugin, and have it sent to you nightly using the included CLI script. If you want to browse the data - the AJAX plugin offers a handy report browser. I really tried to give this plugin every feature I would want, and it's running on this site now!

With very little effort, and in very little time - you can pass the securityheaders.io test with an easy "A".



  • Implements all classes of the Content Security Policy standard
  • Fetch directives
  • Document directives
  • Navigation directives
  • Reporting directives
  • "Other" directives
  • Injects your settings in a Content-Security-Policy HTTP header
  • (optionally) Adds a tag with your CSP settings
  • Implements report-uri and report-to
  • Provides a listener for report-uri and report-to incoming data
  • Includes a CLI script to be used in a CRON job for nightly reporting to a selected administrator or administrators
  • Includes a report browser, for immediate review of stored reports
  • Sets X-Content-Type-Options
  • Sets X-Frame-Options
  • Sets X-XSS-Protection
  • Sets Referrer-Policy
  • Sets Expect-CT
  • Sets Strict-Transport-Security
  • Sets Feature-Policy

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