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EB Mailchimp Sync

This premium Joomla to Mailchimp plugin synchronizes Joomla website users with MailChimp lists in a single click. It also has the ability to silently add the users to the Mailchimp list so no confirmation email will be sent to users.

Developer: ExtnBakers
created:Date 2023-05-08
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created:Date 2022-05-04
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MailChimp Auto-Subscribe is a popular Joomla plugin. which allows you to automatically add registered users to your Mailchimp list

Developer: tassos
created:Date 2021-11-20
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Responsive Email Template for promoting your startup and services. 13 modules in order to design the ideal newsletter for your needs. Modern, minimalistic, easy to customize, and ideal to gain new clients or customers.

Our template is compatible with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo, HubSpot + 25 Email Service Providers. All the features of each platform are fully supported something that makes the customization of the template really easy.

Developer: themeforest
created:Date 2021-11-05
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Verify Deliverability of Any Email Address
RS Email Verifier is a unique and powerful program that verifies every email address from a mailing list and determines if the emails are valid or not.

created:Date 2021-08-19

Email Verifier is a powerful email validation application to verify
your contacts and keep your mailing lists clean. This utility cleans up
your mailing lists, Windows Address Book, Microsoft Outlook Contacts,

created:Date 2021-08-18

RA Email Extractor was specially designed to extract specific targeted group emails from various sources.
RA Email Extractor was specially designed to extract specific targeted group emails from various sources like search engines, websites and local files etc. based on your effective keyword search.

created:Date 2021-08-13

Shopify develops software for retail point-of-sale systems and online depots.Our Shopify users email list consists of the most lucrative business database. If you are looking to connect with Shopify users from any location, our Shopify stores owners list will help you connect with key decision-makers and enhance your targeting capabilities.

use this database for : email marketing and find webdesigen customers

include usa Shopify Users

created:Date 2021-08-03
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Cute Web Email Extractor is the only email spider software that is quick and affordable. It is a powerful utility designed to extract email addresses from websites, search engines,local files, etc. It is a great tool for creating your customer contact list required for your business. [OS:Windows]

Developer: ahmadsoftware
created:Date 2021-07-18
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Create Email marketing campaign with this template to stay ahead in the industry.

It is mobile responsive, armed with functions and very easy to customize. Here are its rich features that makes this template a fierce competitor in the market.

Developer: joomdev
created:Date 2021-07-12

created:Date 2021-06-26

created:Date 2021-06-26

Large email list for email marketing. This list contains 1000 million emails in various categories. Facebook Groups Email, American Email, Canadian Email, French Email

created:Date 2021-06-19

created:Date 2021-06-16

created:Date 2021-06-16

created:Date 2021-06-15

created:Date 2021-06-15
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created:Date 2021-05-27
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PowerMail allows sending content to your Joomla content sections and categories via email or via cellphone.

Developer: powermail4joomla
created:Date 2021-02-24
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Newsletter Designer:
With NewsletterDesigner you can create professional HTML Newsletters in your very own design, without any HTML or programming knowledge.

Design your Newsletter like professionals do. Easy integration of Pictures, Links and Design Elements. Also included: Ready-to-use Templates and Layouts for your Newsletters.
Keep your Cooperate Design by creating Templates in your very own Design and use them for every of your Newsletters. So you even

created:Date 2020-11-17
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With our Template Pack, get access to our template section.
Then download the ones you like, upload them on AcyMailing and enjoy

Developer: acyba
created:Date 2020-10-24
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Make your emails have an attractive design to give a good impression and raise your brand awareness.

Developer: joomlaxtc
created:Date 2020-07-14
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* Looking for a low cost, or almost “no cost” way to market your business? If you’re just starting out or you’re running a business after coming home from your “real” job, you’ll be interested in the tools, Email databases, Leads and Services to market your business *

created:Date 2019-08-24

The UK Mail Bank is a comprehensive collection of 9 million emails separated for advertising work in the United Kingdom. The first category contains 2,500,000 emails of users from various UK sites. The second rank includes 2,200,000 emails from UK online stores with the names of each store and its emails divided, the third rank contains 2,100,000 Yahoo emails and the fourth rank contains 2 million blended and mixed emails. Gathered from various businesses.

Developer: joompaid
created:Date 2019-08-24