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JUX Cryptocoins Converter

JUX Cryptocoins Converter is an amazing Joomla module which provides your visitors with a convenient on the spot currency conversions powered by CoinCap Rankings.

Developer: JoomlaUX
created:Date 2023-04-15
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Calculate! Financial offers several calculators for your Joomla site and includes our popular Mortgage Calculator, along with several others.

By leveraging these calculators, you can finally give your clients more tools to help them make better financial decisions. 

created:Date 2021-12-17
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EURO RATES shows daily Euro Foreign Exchage Reference Rates.
It gets data from European Central Bank and shows last rates published. Detail button for each currency to display graphic evolution (last month rates).
Exchange calculator EuroForeign currency

created:Date 2021-05-11
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CALC BUILDER allows you to create dynamic calculators. Automatic calculator creation from excel.
(Also FREE DOWNLOAD with TrialPay.)
Define your own input user form (types, size, order,validations).
Build results through PHP code or uploading your excel.
Export result table to PDF.
Simple and easy configuration. Library of working examples included.
Extended version includes excel mapping and options to link Calculated results with Virtuemart or Hikashop

Developer: Moonsoft Team
created:Date 2018-06-21
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