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 Dynamic Content for Eleme Dynamic Content for Elementor UPDATED
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Created 2021-02-07
Updated: 2024-06-22
Version 3.0.8
Developer: dynamic
Size 11.69 MB
Author morva
Downloads 36
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What Is Dynamic Content?

In general, dynamic content is content that changes based on data from your site or user behavior.

For example, the “My Profile” page at a website. The URL is usually the same for each user (e.g. examplesite.com/my-profile), but each user only sees their own information because the information is dynamically pulled from the site’s database.

How Dynamic Content Works in Elementor

In Elementor, dynamic content lets you automatically insert content from your WordPress site in your Elementor designs.

To illustrate how this concept works, let’s look at a specific example – your site’s logo.

You can set your site’s logo in the Site Identity section of the real-time WordPress Customizer. Let’s say you’ve done that, but now you also want to display your logo in one of your Elementor designs.

One option would be to just use an image widget and upload your logo image again. But what happens if you change your logo in the future using the WordPress Customizer?

With a static image widget, nothing would happen. But with dynamic content, Elementor would automatically update your logo because it’s dynamically pulling the logo image from whichever image you select in the WordPress Customizer.


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Hi, is it possible to share version. 2.13.8

Emnon Today
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hi 2.13.9 version shared

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