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Cookie Control

  • DJ-CookieMonster extension is a Joomla Joomla 3.x plugin - meant for informing the site's visitors about the cookie policy.
    It also offers WCAG/ADA/Section508 compliance.
    The Joomla plugin passes WAVE and AChecker tests for WCAG compliance!
    You can use the tab to navigate the "CLOSE" button and close it with the "ENTER" key.

  • A beautiful and functional EU Cookie Law Compliance Joomla! Plugin that provides a mechanism for informing your visitors about how you use cookies on your website in an elegant manner. It includes a variety of features (responsive, multilingual, include/exclude from pages, etc.) and parameters (block cookies, change colors, custom CSS, animation duration, etc.). This Joomla! plugin is ready for the GDPR Compliance which has been already implemented on ‎25 May 2018.

  • A lightweight jQuery notification plugin that displays a fully customizable cookie alert popup to make your website compliant with the EU Cookie Law.
    - Easy to Use.
    - Responsive.
    - Customizable: Many different colors and options available.