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  • OSDownloads is a versatile Joomla component and module that allows you to add file downloads to your site. You can also get an email address or share in return for the download.

    One of the great ways to build an email list, or get people to share your content is to offer a free download in exchange for their email address or a mention on social media.

    You can even connect OSDownloads to MailChimp for easy integration into your marketing campaigns

    In this class, Rod walks you through all the features and helps you set up the first download page and module on your Joomla site.

  • This class follows on from "How to Develop Joomla Modules" and "How to Develop Joomla Plugins". You'll learn how to build the administrator area for Joomla extensions. Cory shows you how to build the file, folder and database structure for your component.

  • In these videos, you'll finish building the todo list component that you started in Part 1. Cory shows you how Joomla uses the MVC pattern for component development. You'll learn how to build Models, Views and Controllers in the recommended Joomla way. You'll also see how to create router files and language files, plus how to package your work for distribution.

  • Multilingual Joomla Explained is be a fun and enjoyable introduction to building multilingual sites in Joomla.

    Multilingual Joomla Explained teaches everything you need to know to make a multilingual Joomla site. Using this book, you can master multilingual Joomla sites.