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JM Job Listings jobs adverts - Joomla Template

This job classifieds Joomla template provides you 3 complete solutions to run a job listings website, the business directory, and standard classified ads.

Using DJ-Classifieds extension as a job directory platform allows employers to post their job offers in your job directory and job seekers to apply for each offer by sending a resume.

Developer: Joomla-Monster
created:Date 2023-01-09
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JM JoomAdvertising - Joomla Template

This classifieds Joomla template brings you everything you need to start an online classifieds or auction website. Allow users to post classified ads on your site, let visitors rate and review advertisers and their items, charge for promotions and paid categories, all these and lot more features wrapped in a modern and beautiful template design!

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JM Simple is a multipurpose simple business Joomla template that will be ideal for companies operating in the areas of finance, marketing and new technologies.

Developer: joomla-monster
created:Date 2020-07-24
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