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JA Font Component - Joomla Google fonts to local font extension

JA Font component is a Joomla Google fonts to local font extension that helps your website switch from using Google fonts to local fonts to prevent the Google Fonts GDPR violation.

Developer: JoomlArt
created:Date 2023-03-18
Website Demo external

Quentin Pro is a Modern Sans Serif typeface very much suitable for Film Posters, headlines, Block letter, Subheading, Logo Designs, Big Banners. Creative & Decorative Typography Web Design.

created:Date 2021-06-11

49 Creative Fonts 2020 + WebFonts
67 TTF | 75 OTF | 44 WOFF | 18 WOFF2 | WebFonts | 16 MB

created:Date 2021-06-11

If you need attractive fonts for your site. This collection is for you.
 Super Creative Fonts + WebFonts

created:Date 2021-06-11