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Joomla Module

  • ARI Data Tables module converts HTML tables into powerful and functional tables with possibilities to sort, filter and paging data. It can also create different charts based on data from tables. The extension can load data from SQL databases and CSV files.

  • This module lets you specify a header for any individual page with different background images, titles and short description.

  • Show Articles or K2 Items Title Like News Feed Anywhere in Your Site. Simple & Smart

    Do you want to show the titles of the featured articles or K2 items like the news feed? Our "JK Expandable News Feed" module will make your life easy and simple.

  • JA Slideshow - new module photo galleries from Joomlart, has 2 operating modes (From Articles and From Image Folder): any info on the slide is taken from an article with photos of appropriate size which are crammed in the module settings of the (Stage setting), or simply display pictures from a specific folder. Also custom field thumbnail and description (Navigation setting).

  • Accordion Module for Joomla Website

    Design Beautiful Content Sections With Joomla Accordion Module

    Create a FAQ Schema based rich accordion on your Joomla site and boost your search engine rankings.

  • The Social Network and GuestBook Extension for Joomla. It allows you to create your own Social Network with Photo , Video, Link & Polls and other features that work out of the box.

  • JoomForms let you build and design your own forms using an advanced forms builder, you can create unlimited contact forms, multipage forms, application forms, event registration, feedback, surveys and more inside your Joomla website easily.

  • Responsive and Powerful Parallax Section Builder Module with Beautiful Typewriter Typing Animation Effect for Joomla! Website.

  • JUX News Wall is the primary “content” retrieval module for K2 and Joomla Content. You can set various categories and item element filters to display a number of items coming from K2 component and Joomla content. Using multiple copies of this module (with varying settings) you can achieve complex news publishing/magazines site layout.

  • Minitek Slider is the most powerful responsive slider for Joomla, ideal for creating galleries, carousels and scrollers.

  • Display content or custom items in 3d carousel. The module has three styles - normal, ring and star. As custom items can load images, youtube, vimeo, mp4 video and iframe. It comes with lightbox popup and videos is optional to play in thumbnails or lightbox.

  • Awesome Show module displays the joomla articles from selected categories with photo as full view and content info such as category, date, title, text info and read more button. The extension comes in three unique styles.

  • Create a nice responsive multi layers parallax scroll effect while visitors are srolling up or down your site. You can embed one or more instances of this module on one page, and embed other modules within as it can embed a new module position. This Joomla module shows a nice Parrallax scene animating when visitor scrolls up or down the page. It is composed by a background jpeg and 1 to 5 foreground transparent png images that animate with or without additional effects such as Scale , translations or rotation.

  • Ruxin Content Ticker brings a lightweight and easy to use animated news ticker for Joomla.

  • The frontpage display module is a great way to attract customers and organize your content, and best of all it's fully responsive! It consists of one main display area and 2-9 boxes below that control the main display area that can be split into multiple rows. The main content area and boxes are fully customizable by allowing to you specify your own images, sizes, hyperlinks and much more to adapt to any template!

  • SP Soccer is a Joomla 3.4+ extension designed for Sport Team Club purposes. It allows you to create and manage your own league with tournaments and seasons inside.  It gives you power to build a full Sport functionality website, especially for: football (soccer) teams purposes but it can used for basketball, handball, volleyball, cricket, rugby, hockey leagues as well.
    Current zip package include only component, all modules are only in Soccer Template Quickstart package. Please note that presented design on screenshots were based on Soccer template only.

  • Ensure the privacy of your website visitors with the social media button integration extension. This solution protects personal data and enhances user privacy by only activating social media buttons upon user interaction.

  • Fully responsive gallery with advanced mobile devices support. 2J Photo Gallery it's unbelivible set of the flexible, advanced functionality. Multicategory gallery with drag and drop categories manager. Implemented pagination and images preload options. Advanced images upload and managements tools: batch upload, server directory scan. Fullscreen mode. Gallery with slideshow functionality. Advanced auto-resizing options. You can insert gallery into article, modules or as component. Buildin plugin tags wizard.

  • 4SEO is our latest SEO extension. We've been working on it for nearly a year but it's the direct result of 14 years of experience working with Joomla SEO.

  • AA 360° Image Virtual Tour – it’s very good viewer of panoramic images for Joomla.

    It is fully responsive.