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joomshopping Extensions

  • ANTIBOT PRO registration JoomShopping

    The unique approach of defining spam bots, based on a diametrically opposite approach to detect spam than Captcha. Unlike solutions with Captcha, which uses the idea to offer the user a task that you can easily solve the people, but which disproportionately more difficult to solve computer in a spam filter uses the definition of actions that can be done only by a robot, and not made by man.

  • JoomShopping Addons Ajax Cart(Activate)

    Ajax Cart (Addon ajax cart / module ajax cart)

    Add product to cart without reloading the page (ajax).
    The choice of attributes and quantity in the list of products (screenshot 2).
    Popup message after added to cart (screenshot 7).

  • Joomshopping Addons: Coupons extrafields

    With 'Addon Coupons extra fields' easily extend function the coupon at the store.
    Addon supports automatic generation of coupons that allows you to create coupons to all users

  • Joomshopping Addons: Price savings

    Addon show price savings (economy) for products with Old price.

  • Joomshopping Addons: Product usergroup permissions

    Addon allows you to customize each product (screenshot 1):
    Product show for group of users,
    show the price of the goods for groups of users,
    allow to buy goods for the group members.

    Example (screenshot 2)
    Product 1 (disabled show price)
    Product 2 (disabled show button Buy)

  • Joomshopping Import / Export Backup

    Backup JoomShopping Database and Files (no php Script).
    To restore just install the zip file.

    Warning: Restore removes all the old Data.


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