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  • GEO Radius Search - ZOO

    GEO Radius Search for Zoo turns your Joomla Zoo App into an amazing googlemap mashup. You can now have fast GEO navigation for your site with this dynamic and powerful component. We all know how Zoo is a fantastic building block as one of the best content creation kits for Joomla. Now you can really give your users and clients the best in useful mapping and GEO Radius Search and navigation by content categories.

  • SJ Cool Showcase For Zoo

    Are you looking for a module which is ideal for showing products come along with wonderful sliding effects? So SJ Cool Showcase for Zoo is a great choice for your website's frontpage..

  • SJ Responsive Items for Zoo

    In powerful Admin Panel, you can customize the module in width, height and other parameters suit your needs easily. Coming with many other useful features, were sure SJ Cool Showcase will help your store iSJ Responsive Items for Zoo is a Joomla module designed to bring an impressive and cool grid experience to any websites based on its own features for Zoo component.crease not only leads but also conversion rate.

  • ZOOevents

    Using the ZOOlanders Event app for ZOO allows you to have a complete events solution for Joomla - with the control of ZOO.

    Using the ZOOlanders Event app for ZOO allows you to have the control of ZOO with a complete events solution for Joomla.

  • ZOOfilter

    Advanced Search through your ZOO.

    Give your Joomla ZOO app users advanced searches and filtering based on any data that is an element's values with ZOOfilter.


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