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virtualmart Extensions

  • sell digital products in virtualmart.Downloadable products (both free and paid files) and file attachments to products for VirtueMart 2 and 3.

  • Ajax Live Search for Virtuemart is a simple, Lightweight & fully customizable virtuemart ajax search/suggestion module with tons of options. It allows users to search products, categories and manufacturers in your shop/website, and shows the search results in real time.

  • It suffices to write the name of a music file in the plug-in settings for your specific product, its URL (the physical location of the audio file on your or partner's server), and allow your customers to listen to a soundtrack, for example, from a music album that is being sold. Many people, when buying music, first need to listen to what they want to buy and then decide. Using this audio plugin speeds up your customer's choice to buy the goods right for you.

  • JMigrator Virtuemart addon




  • JMS Colors for Virtuemart allows you to create colors for each product, each color will has own price and images. Colors and prices also will update to cart, order and invoice.
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  • This simple Virtuemat VMcustom plugin allows you to add a custom price field to some products.

    When added, if the product price is set to 0, the customer decides the price. If a price is set, the customer can add a value to the price. The input value utomaticaly updates the item price. Plugin supports 'on the fly' currency conversion and sends a warning alert if page page is left or refreshed with a price set without adding the product to the cart.

  • Offline Credit Card Processing is a payment plugin for VirtueMart that allows you to collect credit card information online to manually process the payment offline

  • Phone Number Validator  is a userfield plugin for VirtueMart allowing your client to validate the fix or mobile phone while registrating, and you to validate fix or mobile phone given by the shopper.

  • This module displays customised VirtueMart Products with carousel and a custom linked banner. Best way to highlight a category with its few products and a beautiful banner.

  • it could let u enter shipment code for every order, and after u click update the order status to shipped, it will append the clickable track link to order history, it also appears on the order status change email customers received in order history area.

  • SJ Deals for VirtueMart allows you to create, manage deals on your VirtueMart stores in the most convenient way. You promotion products will be present with sale off percentage, original price and discount price that is really easy to follow.

  • SJ MiniCart Pro is the popular and attractive module of execution of the order for a popular component of ecommerce VirtueMart. This Joomla module has much more bigger functionality than the standard module of a basket.

  • Are you using Virtuemart Component? Are you finding a professional module to slide your products? Please choose our module for your website. With a lot of options, themes and effects, i am sure that you will enjoy it.

  • Virtuemart 2.6.x / 3.x interface with Piraeus Bank (Gateway Plugin) , via the Redirection method

    The Piraeus - Winbank VM2 / VM3 gateway plugin enables your customers to make online transactions using their credit card (VISA / MasterCard / Maestro / etc).

    The payment by a customer environment (secure webpage) of Bank of Piraeus via Redirection method.

    This ensures both the security of the transactions and the security of the consumer's credit card information.

  • Virtuemart waiting list dashboard module helps to get an overview of your wait list with product name and waiting customers number.

    The version support is Joomla 2.5.x,3.x and Virtuemart 3.x

  • This plugin shows on the product details page, every product related mp3 files stored in the public media folder, as HTML5 audio players. Various styles with visualisation are available. Here are few examples of the way players can be rendered:

  • VP Advanced Custom Field is a Custom Field / Cart Attribute / Product Variant extension for VirtueMart. You can add stockable or non-stockable product variants to your VirtueMart products and display then as radio button, checkbox, dropdown list, coloured button, image button etc. The fields created with the extension also support multilingual sites.

  • vSearch For VirtueMart is offering you both a Powerful Product Search via Keywords and a Filtering module that filters with Categories, Manufacturers and Custom Fields which helps your customers to find their favorite products what they are looking for, in seconds. Customers can narrow the search scale by categories and its child level so that it saves time for them. It is very simple but powerful module for Joomla to display Virtuemart product search result.