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  • LT Nail is a good-looking Joomla Salon Template which is intended for hair salon, nail salon or beauty salon website design. Joomla Salon Template is the perfect solution to all of your needs, offering you the opportunity to spread the word about your services, increase your client base and create a web presence that is truly impressive.!

  • One of the key factors to attract numerous overseas students is how interesting your websites are! With the aim to meet increasing educational establishments’ demands for enrolling abroad students, LT Abroad which includes any requirements that you are looking for is created. Initially, the primary outstanding features of this WordPress Theme is that it comes with Elementor Page Builder which offers you opportunities to create and develop your sites with no limitation. On the grounds of this, you are able to design, edit and replace any content or image from several available templates without extra fee, which helps you not only save your budget but also appeal to more students. Furthermore, LT Abroad is also a delightful and an elegant theme along with millions of colors, which makes your sites completely eye-catching and therefore, promotes your products and services effectively.

  • The App WordPress theme is a product of well-qualified developers and experienced designers with the latest web technology, eye-catching content organization.
    It is not difficult to realize that economics and finance are an important part of every person. If you own a bank and want to help your customers manage their finances properly, it’s a great idea to generate an app banking website with LT AppBank. With the assistance of Elementor Page Builder, you can ly design your site via many useful editing features, such as a lot of pre-made template options, a drag-drop layout, strong shortcodes and more. .

  • LT Arch –  Architecture WordPress Theme
    A useful WordPress Theme especially created for architecture for designers!
    Do you run an architectural company? Do you hope to advertise your designs without any trouble? If yes, LT Arch is a must-try wordpress theme for you!
    If you are looking for a professional method to help you own an attractive website to make all your architectural designs become outstanding, why don’t you try the LT Arch wordpress theme? There are a large number of great and easy-to-use functions that Elementor Page Builder provides you when you decide to utilize this wordpress theme. First of all, you will have a drag and drop layout combined with more than 90 elements and modules in order to build up and design a website effectively. Hence, you are able to display all your stunning architectural designs and make an impression on your customers easily.

  • Are you seeking some useful methods to promote your art school to motivate more students to attend? Don’t miss LT ArtClass WordPress Theme since it can help you achieve your goal easily!
    It’s not difficult to see that an education website is an indispensable part in engaging more students to attend the class. Besides, it is also a convenient and time-saving method to help you keep in touch with their parents. Therefore, why don’t you generate an educational website thanks to LT ArtClass? A completely responsive layout is the first plus point of this wordpress theme. That is the reason why not only your students but also their parents are able to access your site to follow the newest information no matter what the devices they utilize. Besides that, as LT ArtClass is compatible with Elementor Page Builder and other handy plugins, it’s not hard and difficult for you to build up your site in your own way. A drag-drop layout, Color Picker Tool, 4 color schemes as well as various pre-made template options and more will be ready for you to do anything you want on your site.

  • LT Artist –  Art Design WordPress Theme
    The best WordPress theme for all artists to showcase your artworks!
    Why don’t you create an impressive website containing a lot of paintings and other art designs with LT Artist WordPress Theme?
    LT artist is a dominant and practical theme for artists ranging from different levels with numerous functions. The primary outstanding features of LT Artist is the Elementor Page Builder’s assistance helping users to build and edit websites at ease, which boosts your creation to produce a worthy variety of products effectively. Furthermore, the users will be offered chances to choose unlimited colors for their designs, which means that you can foster your own eye-catching and innovative templates without any limitations as well as strengthen your ability with art. Last but not least, in the context of ecommerce, LT artist is an optimum option for both designers and customers to access advanced technology, clients and other subjects thanks to the compatibility with WooCommerce and Responsive interface. .

  • Let’s use Journalistic WordPress theme to publish and promote your successful works to a wider range of online readers!
    If you are looking for a good method to introduce your writing works to make it become famous, building a personal website with LT Author to showcase them is a wonderful suggestion you should try. First and foremost, this wordpress theme is designed based on Elementor Page Builder, containing many editing functions, such as a drag-drop layout, strong shortcodes, various professional pre-made template options, and much more. .

  • Let’s build the professional and trust to advertise your bank by creating a banking website with LT Bank WordPress Theme now!
    Are you seeking an amazing solution to promote your banking services and projects? If your answer is yes, using LT Bank to build a professional website about banking is a good suggestion you should try. This wordpress theme is promised to bring you satisfaction when you use it because it comes with Elementor Page Builder, Smart Slider, WPForms and other dominant plugins to support you to erect a website without much technical knowledge requirements. Besides that, a large number of color options are available for you to renew your site and make it become more impressive and attractive. .

  • LT BBQ –  Grill Restaurant WordPress Theme
    An attractive WordPress Theme especially designed for BBQ or grill restaurants!
    LT BBQ – one of the perfect solutions to help your restaurant to showcase many tasty barbecue, grill and other cuisine on an eye-catching website. Don’t miss it!
    Today, the restaurant industry becomes very popular because of the variety and abundance of ingredients and dishes, BBQ is also one of them. If you are running a grill restaurant and want to increase your sales in online methods, building a website with LT BBQ is a good option for you. Firstly, Moreover, as this wordpress theme is fully responsive with cross-browser and device compatibility, your site will appear perfectly no matter what the device your customers use. .

  • LT Beepub –  Bistro WordPress Theme
    A perfect WordPress specially built for coffee bars, restaurants, bistro and so on!
    Browse this category to choose these well-coded and easy manageable bistro or restaurant wordpress themes to bring restaurant business online!
    Are you looking for a perfect solution amongst thousands of ways to develop your pub? Why don’t you try to generate a restaurant website with LT BeePub to achieve your goals? There are many dominant reasons why you should use this wordpress theme. First and foremost, since it comes with Elementor Page Builder, WooCommerce and other handy plugins, a drag-drop layout as well as a lot of editing features, such as color picker tool, 4 color schemes or strong shortcode are ready for you to design and create a wonderful website effectively. Furthermore, in case you want to change your site interface into a new one but save time, you can get one of many pre-made template options in the library without any trouble. .

  • Make your medical site become modern and trustworthy to patients with our stunning Medical WordPress theme
    In the years 2020-2021, the world is experiencing a severe destructive covid-19 pandemic. If your hospital is providing support services, caring for people with covid-19 or health checks, why don’t you build a website with LT BeSafe to reach patients more effectively? First of all, this wordpress theme provides a 100% mobile-friendly layout, enabling your website to adapt perfectly to any gadgets, even mobile devices. Besides that, a strong framework with completely bootstrap supporting Elementor Page Builder will support you to customize your site with a drag-drop layout, 4 color schemes, color picker tool, shortcode and more. .

  • LT Bespace –  Working Space WordPress Theme
    The most suitable WordPress Theme with a clean design for workSpace websites!
    Look through the selection of business wordpress themes to choose the best item for your work space for rent! Deliver your WorkSpace services to the right people with the help of these specialized WorkSpace themes!
    There are many ways to increase employee productivity as well as help them stay focused while working, but the most effective way is to build a modern, airy and elegant workspace. Let’s help your customers ignite the enthusiasm of their employees with LT Bespace. By using this wordpress theme, you are easily able to customize as well as design your site that meets your requirements thanks to Elementor Page Builder. Everything you implement on your site will be supported by a drag-drop layout, strong shortcodes, color picker tool with 4 color schemes and so on. .

  • Save your development time by going with a nice looking, fully-featured WordPress sport theme and attracting more customers!
    It is undeniable that boxing is a martial art that many people know and care about because of the health benefits that it brings a lot. If you are planning to open a boxing center or fitness center that offers training in this subject, do not miss a good opportunity to reach potential customers by creating a website with LT Boxing. This wordpress theme is promised to bring your clients satisfaction when they access your site on their smartphones because it is well on all mobile devices with 100% responsive and modern layout. Moreover, LT Boxing is designed based on Elementor Page Builder, so there are a large number of customizable features for you to build your site without much technical know-how requirements..

  • LT ByCoin –  Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme
    A full of features business WordPress Theme created for bitcoin or financial websites!
    If you’re looking to create a robust bitcoin website, with professional appeal this business WordPress themes will give you the best opportunity to get your venture out there and your clients rolling in.
    In the past few years, cryptocurrency has become familiar in many fields. However, with an aim of gaining the trust of customers completely and attracting them to attend the investment projects, why don’t you generate a professional website with LT ByCoin? First and foremost, this wordpress theme integrates with Elementor Page Builder, thus you will own a large number of useful functions to design your site with an eye-catching interface without much technical knowledge requirements. Somes dominant features include a drag and drop layout, various ready-made templates, strong shortcodes and so on. .

  • LT Carmarket –  Car Dealer WordPress Theme
    A full-feature WordPress Theme oriented for car service or car dealer websites!
    Car Dealer WordPress Theme suite as a design for car dealers, communities dedicated to cars and other related topics. Feel  to browse our assortment of Car Dealer Website template to find the right one for you. Impress your clients today by purchasing the best theme that suits your needs!
    With the peak development of science and technology, the transportation industry also has many great changes thanks to technological achievements. And the car has become a means of transportation that many people prefer because of its convenience. If you are in the car business, it’s a wonderful suggestion for you to erect a website with LT Carmarket to increase your sales effectively. .

  • LT CoRepair –  Restoration WordPress Theme
    A wonderful WordPress Theme nicely created for computer or mobile repair stores!
    Approach more potential clients and increase your sales in the repairing sector effectively by using LT CoRepair WordPress Theme!
    If you are running a computer or mobile repair shop, LT CoRepair will be the basic and wonderful WordPress Theme for you to develop your business effectively. First and foremost, this theme comes with Elementor Page Builder, which helps people ranging from professionals to amateurs be able to control and customize their sites easily without any academic or coding knowledge requirements. Additionally, with more than thousands of diverse colors and templates provided from LT CoRepair, you can be fully creative according to your imagination and no longer worried about your websites becoming boring and somber, which cannot hold attention from customers. Besides, this WordPress Theme is also integrated with user-friendly layout, so you can be  to display your products and services, showcase the content, edit the format and do numerous other surprising functions thanks to the ability to fit any kind of screen.

  • T CoRepair is a modern and professional Computer Repair Joomla Template which is well-designed for computer repair shop or mobile repair shop website.

  • LT Curico – Free Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme
    A perfect Business WordPress Theme intended for cryptocurrency companies as well as bank, accounting or financial ones!
    A dynamic and modern Business WordPress theme helps to make your way to success be smoother with its amazing design and great features!
    Today, accompanying the development of information technology is the emergence and spread of cryptocurrency. Although it is new, it plays an important role in many fields. If you are running a business related to cryptocurrency, why don’t you display the profession and reputation to win the trust of your customers with LT Curico. Firstly, you can conveniently customize your site and make it become more impressive to showcase your cryptocurrency services as well as related projects thanks to many handy functions of Elementor Page Builder, including various ready-made template options, a drag-drop layout, strong shortcodes and so on. .

  • Let’s make an impression on visitors with the assistance of LT Decor Design Magazine & Blog WordPress Theme!
    If you are finding an elegant and impressive theme that is used for building a magazine or blog website to share the interior designs as well as relevant information, LT Decor is the best option for you. Firstly, this theme provides you with a lot of color options to change your site interface in your own style. That is the reason why you can create a site with various color choices without much coding knowledge requirements. In addition, this WordPress Theme also integrates with the latest website technologies such as Elementor Page Builder, Woocommerce Plugins, Language Support, shopping cart support by WooCommerce, and more.

  • T Dentist –  Teeth Care Services WordPress Theme
    A professional WordPress Theme beautifully created for hospitals and clinics!
    Help your customers own healthy and beautiful teeth with professional dental care services with LT Dentist WordPress Theme!
    In recent years, dentistry has become quite popular and familiar to many people. With the development of modern equipment, the requirements for strong and white teeth have increased. For this reason, if you are planning to open a dental office, do not hesitate to do and develop it with the help of LT Dentist. First of all, this wordpress theme is generated based on Elementor Page Builder, so it will provide you the best features to build your site as well as introduce your clinic for patients effectively. A drag-drop layout, unlimited color, color picker tool, shortcode, and other handy customizable functions will support you to edit your site appearance, add new content as well as delete outdated information to make it always modern and attractive. Besides, thanks to elegant images and well-organized content with eight main pages, all the teeth care services with attached pricing plans, the relevant news and experienced dentists will appear perfectly on your site.