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Regular Labs

  • Advanced Module Manager Pro

    Advanced Module Manager Pro - control your modules the way it should be.Advanced Module Manager is an extension that changes the way your Module manager works.

  • Articles Field PRO

    Articles Custom Field - With the Regular Labs Articles Field you can create links between articles.

  • Quick Index PRO

    Quick Index - add a table of contents quickly in Joomla!

  • Regular Labs Sliders pro

    With Sliders you can make content sliders anywhere in Joomla!
    Sliders are also known as 'collapses' or 'accordions'.

  • Regular Labs tabs

    With Tabs you can make content tabs anywhere in Joomla!


  • regularlabs Articles Field Pro

    Articles Field is a Joomla! custom field plugin that greatly extends the capabilities of custom fields.

    With the native Joomla! lists fields, the values are only treated as plain text and cannot be linked to any other content.

    The Regular Labs "Articles" Field type (articles) plugin is a custom field that gives you the ability to choose from a list of articles (based on the selected filters), allowing you to directly connect articles to each other.

  • Regularlabs tooltips - Add tooltips in Joomla

    Display text or an image to your users when they hover their mouse pointer over an item, without clicking it, by using Tooltips.

    When a user moves their pointer to text, or an image, for which you have defined a tooltip, a small "hover box" appears. This box can contain text or an image. Optionally the text can contain html formatting including URLs.


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