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  • y Testimonials is a Joomla extension that allows you to get clients testimonials and display them the way you want. It's fully integrated with Google Rich Snippet.

    Add your clients' feedback or get their testimonial from your website's frontend or backend, then display your score and reviews in Google search results. My Testimonials comes with full integration with Google's Company Rich Snippets, reviews and testimonials. In addition, My Testimonials includes advanced layout selection and themes, such as masonry walls and sliders. You can even add locations to testimonials, and YouTube video reviews.

  • With RSFeedback! you can turn your visitors into active contributors to your project via feedbacks and testimonials. Get them vote and express their ideas on the project.

  • TLP Testimonial PRO is fully Responsive & Mobile friendly Joomla Testimonial Component & Module for Joomla. It has 14 default layouts with 6 Grid Layouts and 8 Slider Layouts. You can display your client testimonial in 30+ layout variation. It has module included with all component layouts with additional 8 Carousel Slider module. It has search plugin.