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SAM2Joom is the ultimate integration between your Joomla website and your SAM Broadcaster installation. SAM2Joom provides an alternative to the standard HTML or samPHPweb files to give your station's website all the features you could want, putting you on a level with top radio station websites. Make your station a repository of information on your listeners favorite artists, with links to all of their pages!

Developer: SAM2Joom
created:Date 2022-08-22
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j3.x -j4.x

Besides the JUX Coming Soon and JUX Offline Page, we much proud to announce that JUX UnderConstruction has released lots of attractions inside to build your Under Construction, Maintenance page. This Joomla plugin allows users to easily set up and customize a page to inform that your site is under-construction or under-maintenance mode.

Developer: joomlaux
created:Date 2021-09-16
Website Demo external
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j3.x -j4.x

Component Architect Pro allows you to build professional custom components that extend the functionality you get in the core Joomla components.There are no limits to the number of tables, fields or times you can generate.


Developer: Component Architect
created:Date 2021-05-13
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