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  • Create a beautiful dynamic showcase with Joomla content and reduce the bounce rate on your website by showing to visitors the featured content.

  • Fully enhanced items submission system for K2, created for article submission easier as much as possible.

    This includes the following parts:

    - User friendly and modern content submission form
    - Images uploading system
    - Posts moderation system
    - K2 User modified module
    - K2 Content plugin for modify and style frontend view

  • Phone Number Validator  is a userfield plugin for VirtueMart allowing your client to validate the fix or mobile phone while registrating, and you to validate fix or mobile phone given by the shopper.

  • After success of SJ Mega Slider for components like Virtuemart, K2, JoomShopping, SobiPro,....SJ Mega Slider for Zoo is now placed on top of this Joomla! module type. Coming with ability to display entries in an extent of multi-effects slider and decorated by different styles for navigation between entries, this module should be positioned highly on your website interface and make sure that it matches current template style to take the best effect.