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sidebar widget manager

Get full control over Layouts, Page Content, Sidebars and Widgets
Custom Responsive page layouts – widgetize a page, drop widgets in page content area
Drag and drop OTW Grid Manager – build responsive layouts in seconds!
Vertical or Horizontal widgets alignment
Replace any theme sidebar with a custom one on any set of pages

Developer: codecanyon
created:Date 2022-12-15
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3D Menu Awesome is an awesome plugin that helps You to create the a WordPress menu interface element into your WordPress Site with custom layouts and effects. 3D Menu Awesome is easy to use with extensive choice of 3d layout styles.

Developer: codecanyon
created:Date 2022-05-10
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FoodMenu is the ultimate Restaurant Menu display for your website. It comes packed with 5 totally different modes and 4 different skins ( so many combinations possible ) to fit every creative mind and website.

Developer: codecanyon
created:Date 2021-12-15
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Touchy- -WordPress-Mobile-Menu-Plugin

Touchy is a top class cell menu then header plugin for WordPress. Designed together with smartphones into mind, it is quick, operative then remarkable comfy after use. Next in conformity with grudging been tested thoroughly regarding unique mobile devices,

Developer: codcanyon
created:Date 2021-05-24
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Developer: divilife
created:Date 2021-03-29
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Superfly is a responsive WordPress bill plugin so much generates house environment friendly vertical push/sliding/static navigation, strife toolbar yet fullscreen menu concerning you choice. It be able lie used as standalone navigation yet praise thine primary menu. Superfly makes navigation plenty simpler or elementary both on desktops then mobiles.

Developer: codecanyon
created:Date 2021-01-25
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