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  • Hikashop Business with Styles

    HikaShop is a native E-Commerce extension for all versios of Joomla. It is built for simplicity and flexibility.
    HikaShop also has a wide range of marketing tools, but also powerful statistics displayable on your HikaShop dashboard to help you manage your store.

  • HikaShop Square payment

    • HikaShop Payment plugin
    • Display a Square payment form on your website to select between several payment methods
    • Payment without any redirection outside your website
  • HikaShop Stripe V3 with Connect

    Stripe V3 with Connect

    • HikaShop Payment plugin
    • Integrate the Stripe Elements into the final page of your checkout
    • Use the Version 3 of the Stripe API
    • Compatible with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA / DSP2)
    • Compatible HikaMarket via Stripe Connect
  • SJ Categories Full For HikaShop

    SJ Categories Full for HikaShop has been released and supports for HikaShop component. Showing your products has become more professional and easier with this powerful module than eve


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