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AffiliateWP plugins

  • AffiliateWP – Affiliate Info

    Affiliate Info allows thou in conformity with exhibit arm records primarily based on the affiliate presently existence tracked.

  • AffiliateWP – Affiliate Landing Pages

    Affiliate Landing Pages allows thou to create devoted touchdown pages for your affiliates, as they do promote without the usage of an branch link.

  • AffiliateWP – Allow Own Referrals

    The standard behaviour over AffiliateWP is after stop associates from incomes a fee of theirs personal referrals, either through referral hyperlinks then ticket codes.

  • AffiliateWP – Custom Affiliate Slugs

    AffiliateWP affords deep different affiliate URLvariations that your associates can utilizes simultaneously.

  • AffiliateWP – Direct Link Tracking

    Direct Link Tracking permits affiliates after hyperlink without delay in conformity with you website without the necessity for an affiliate link.

  • AffiliateWP – Flag Affiliates

    This plugin, alongside with all the other WordPress plugins listed into our downloads library, is only reachable because of download via subscribing members. You can’t download the plugin out of it page, who is because of records reasons only.

  • AffiliateWP – Lifetime Commissions

    The Lifetime Commissions add-on hyperlinks a consumer according to an affiliate, permitting the connected branch in accordance with acquire a fee of every after purchases by the customer.

  • AffiliateWP – Pushover Notifications

    Pushover is a service that permits ye in conformity with get hold of push notifications on you iOS or Android powered telephone then tablet.

  • AffiliateWP – Recurring Referrals

    Recurring Referrals allows ye to record branch commissions whenever a contribution price is performed of a membership to that amount used to be referred by using an affiliate. I

  • AffiliateWP – REST API Extended

    AffiliateWP consists of a completed read-only RESTful API that allows developers and external capabilities according to engage with data into the AffiliateWP databases.

  • AffiliateWP – Signup Referrals

     Instead over awarding an part fee now a traffic has been completed, then a form has been filed (both standard rite about AffiliateWP), Signup Referrals awards a flat-rate fee in imitation of the group then the consumer those bear referred completes a “sign up”.

  • AffiliateWP – Leaderboard

    This plugin allows ye to show a leaderboard about you top affiliates. Show some wide variety about affiliates yet include theirs referrals, salary and visits. You execute additionally order to them via referrals, earnings, then visits.


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