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  • Have you thought… if only you had the knowledge and expertise to feel 100% confident, that you could get your clients real results with Facebook and Instagram Ads?

    Wouldn’t you love knowing which ad strategies and tactics were guaranteed winners… and which ones would get your clients the highest ROI?

    What if you knew what targeting to use, ad budget to spend, how to set up sales and marketing funnels that convert, how to set up conversion tracking with pixels, how to do split tests and know which ad copy and images would convert best for various industries and types of campaigns?

  • Collection of Android programming training Ebooks

  • How to Make Money on eBay - Beginner's Guide: Learn to Sell Online on eBay - From Setting Up Accounts to Selling Like a Pro Kindle Edition

  • Huge package of e-books to earn money. Includes 250 books on various topics of making money online.

  • I wrote this book to help people like you to make money faster, have more freedom, work while traveling, and to get the tactics to build your 2nd or full-time income. Get this mini-course and you will have:

  • With its pre-coded modules, open source Joomla! is popular for building interactive Web sites without writing code. This Web site design tool lets you build sites with discussions, polling, RSS feeds, picture submissions, shopping carts, and a lot more, quickly and easily and the quickest, easiest way to learn how to use it is Joomla! For Dummies.!

  • Build template-based web sites without the hassle of writing code!

    Joomla! is a free, open source PHP & MySQL-based content management system that allows you to create interactive, community-based Web sites without having to write or program code in PHP or ASP.NET. This fun and friendly introduction to Joomla! shows you how to create a rich, interactive Web site that does not require any code.

  • Package of CPA Premium Course Ebook including : CPA Relapse - Traffic Generation Strategies,CPA War Machine Action List,CPA Relapse - Email Marketing and more

  • In what some are calling the most controversial marketing book of the decade. Sell Like Crazy reveals an 8-phase selling system for generating absurd amounts of leads, sales and profit for any business in any marketing with digital marketing!

  • Social Marketing  - Ebook Package +150 Ebook

  • The largest package of books on success and business on social networks worth hundreds of dollars, including training Facebook, Twitter,Youtube,money making on myspace,Social Media Optimization Strategies and more

  • The Official Joomla! Book is the authoritative, and comprehensive Joomla! reference for every administrator, developer, designer, and content manager. Distilling the unsurpassed experience of two long-time Joomla! contributors, it teaches exactly what you need to know, through practical example sites and crystal-clear explanations.

  • 15Best New Web Development eBooks To Read In 2022

    Ebook List:

    . DevNodejs.pdf
    . HTML _amp_ CSS- The Complete Reference, 5th Edition.pdf
    . HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps.pdf
    . HTML5 Architecture.pdf
    . jQuery 2.0 Development Cookbook.pdf
    . jQuery Mobile . Essentials, 2nd Edition.pdf
    . NodejsDesignPatterns.pdf
    . NodejsPracticeManning.pdf
    . PHPCookBook.pdf
    . PHPOracleWeb.pdf
    . PHPWeb.pdf
    . ProPHP.pdf
    . . Recipes.pdf
    The Guide of HTML5 and Javascript.pdf
    Web Based Projects that rock the class.pdf