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joomla EASY FlipBook joomla EASY FlipBook Pro
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Created 2020-07-02
Updated: 2020-07-02
Version 2.1
Developer: Ivan
Size 9.96 MB
Author joompaid
Downloads 99
Website Demo external

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EASY FlipBook module for Joomla with provides interactive 3D magazine experience to readers. You can use it for demonstration your material in natural way.
As a data source, you can use PDF, images, HTML files.


This is free version of EASY FlipBook, but it has a number of functional limitations - the presence of watermarks, the inability to change the brightness, etc. The full version is available on the official website https://fb.inogst.com.

EASY FlipBook uses 3D effects, sounds, usability UI. Our main task is to provide a high-quality flipbook with the necessary and sufficient set of realistic effects, observing the rule: a lightweight product that protects the battery of your client’s phone, because you don’t want to talk to a client whose phone’s battery is suddenly dead when using your site.

Now we are busy with a significant expansion of the functionality, but we will continue to comply with the rule: simplicity, lightness of the product, of course, without compromising usability.

Getting started video: https://youtu.be/g01_WOkDExE

Main features

3D Realistic
The plugin visualizes a very realistic 3D model of the book, the leaves are bent, the corner is wrapped, you hear the rustle of paper due to sound effects. You can rotate the book and see that it has volume.

Template support
The plugin supports design Templates - Skins.
The template consists of HTML markup, a CSS style file, and a JavaScript file in which individual behavior logic can be written.
Thus, you can make an absolutely unique template both in design and in behavior!

You can print the viewed material, individual pages or the entire document from the EASY FlipBook, choose which printer to use, etc.

Single page mode
There are situations when we want to study the material in more detail,
for example, it is a small print on the page, then the option with two pages on the screen is not very convenient.
In this case, click the "Single Page mode" button, and one page of the book will be placed on the screen,
but at the same time, the overall feeling of the book’s reality will be preserved thanks to the saved realistic effects.

Mobile frendly
The plugin is fully adapted for use on touch screen devices. You can scale the book,
move it, rotate and all this, just by tapping the screen of the device with your finger.

PDF, images, HTML
EASY FlipBook can take as a source of material: an PDF file, a collection of images, or a set of HTML pages.

Preview pages
You can display a special panel in the plugins area, in which you will see all the pages of the book in miniature.
You can go to the page of interest by simply clicking on the thumbnail with your mouse cursor or by tapping your finger on the touch screen of your device.

Sound effects
The plugin supports the use of sound effects, so when you scroll through a book in EASY FlipBook, you hear the leaves rustling.

Auto Explorer
If you want to look at your book from different angles, then there is such an opportunity! Just click the "Auto Explorer"
button on the toolbar and rotate the book with the right mouse button (you can change the control as you wish).

Using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript allowed to create an interactive product that can be customized to any requirements.

RTL mode
RTL mode is a right-to-left, bottom-to-top script. Writing starts from the right of the page and continues to the left. This can be contrasted against left-to-right writing systems, where writing starts from the left of the page and continues to the right.

PDF Bookmarks
The plugin supports bookmarks for greater convenience, so you can quickly navigate through the book.

You can search the text in your book, sometimes it is very useful.

PDF link
Your document may contain links, our plugin supports it.

The plugin supports localization, so the interface can be adapted to any language.

Energy saving
EASY FlipBook is a 3D realistic plugin with special attention to energy consumption. This is achieved through the use of special methods and technologies that allow the use of 3D visualization, but do not overload the CPU and GPU.

Easy integration
EASY FlipBook is a module that can be embedded on any page of any of your site.

In addition to our main goals - speed and simplicity for our EASY FlipBook, we distinguish - Usability as an extremely high parameter. Your customers should be comfortable using the EASY FlipBook.

EASY FlipBook has good documentation, usage examples and a quick start guide.

Mobile devices are developing very intensively and their current level is colossal! But if you have a dozen applications and web pages running on your phone, then it becomes difficult for the phone. We take this into account by providing 3D effects and usability without significant computational load on your customers' devices.

EASY FlipBook is designed with the ability to adapt to any format and resolution of the device on which it runs


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