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Manual SEO Link Building Guide (Never Saturated) [Worki Manual SEO Link Building Guide (Never Saturated) [Working]
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Created 2021-08-20
Author joompaid
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This is only a simple document without a file.

#1 Buy my signals from Real Social Signals, I buy the basic package with a 10-day drip feed: http://realsocialsignals.com/buy-social-signals/

Niche/Money – Main website
Tier 1 – A site like a free web 2.0 blog linked to your main site
Tier 2 – More links linking to your web 2.0 that links to you money site
Tier 3 – Even more links linking to the links that link to your web 2.0.
PBN – Private Blog Networks are also sometimes used for extra juice
Tons more strategies can be used, but we’re concentrating on web 2.0s.


#2 build you a free Tumblr or Weebly with links pointing towards it. buy Tumblers and Weebly’s that already have links going to them, use website’s like Fiverr to buy them. http://Platform provides competing CPA content sections ad such. Do not post this on CPA Elites please./blackhat-seo/seo-link-building/624570-high-google-page-ranking-tumblrs-pr2-pr4-only-2-cheapest- Forum discussions are not allowed here.-pa-27-a.html just $2

#3 Setting Up The Tumblr - upload a picture with a little bit of text then drop the link. No big articles needed. I start with at least 10 and see how they go first, The harder the keyword the more I add. change your IP. I use Hide My Ass. Every time you sign into a Tumblr, you need to use a different IP and make sure you have a clean browser. Clear the history between logins, this minimises footprints left behind. make sure you upload one. We want the page profile to look legit: http://www.onlinedimes.com/wp-content/up...page-1.png
I uploaded a related image
Made a small description
Linked out to Flippa.com for an outbound link
Linked to my site with a naked URL
Added some tags

Once you have created the profiles you can let them sit and wait for Google to pick them up or use Instant Link Indexer. This program speeds things up, put the index on a drip feed for a few days.

#4 Anchor text I use

Naked URL – Like in above image
Brand name – Online Dimes
Keyword – Whatever your keyword is
Others – “click here” “this site” etc
Mix it up a little and Google will love you. I only recommend doing 3-4 Tumblrs a day.

#5 Adding Extra Juice With Weebly Sites, add 1 or 2 high PA Weebly 2.0 websites. you will need to use 2 articles that are at least 400 words long. You should include your main keywords and LSI keywords in it so Google knows what it’s about. Once you have the article you will need to sign into the Weebly and set it up so it’s a blog. Once done, make the first blog post. With the first post throw in a link that links out to a related authority site like a Wiki page . Then leave it for about 4 days. Then log back in and upload the second article, In this article link out to your own website and sometimes I like to throw another outbound link in…. Maybe to a Facebook page or something. With both articles, it’s a good idea to upload images with them. Adding a “contact” and “about” page is something you should also consider adding.
“The site” Is linked to an authority site

“Increasing your network” is linked to the niche/money site.

You can use Instant Link Indexer to get them indexed faster.

#6 Adding A Pinterest To The Mix - Once signed up all I do is start a board then upload a few niche related images with a link to my Main website.To get followers, I follow niche related accounts and boards until I get up to around 300 followers. By this time, my images should have a few repins. I will then upload some more Images to squeeze out some more repins. This is all I do and every repin spreads my URL to other people while creating backlinks. To automate the process you can use Pinterest bots, this starts to get more advanced and I don’t recommend it if you don’t know how to set one up. I started an account a week ago so you can see an example. http://www.onlinedimes.com/wp-content/up...cocunt.png

After that ping the website: http://blogsearch.google.co.uk/ping
Free rank checker; https://www.serplab.co.uk/



500 word article that is keyword rich for $5:

Web 2.0:

"Start creating web 2.0 propertys manually (around 15-20) after that you can submit articles to sites like ezinearticles.com , goarticles.com white hat backlinks from this sites are very strong "the web 2.0's you want to build them strictly only for seo, not for traffic, so the web 2.0 property's can be 'spammy' it doesnt matter, you only need them for building ~20 backlinks the other 2 are the best article directory goarticles.com - ezinearticles.com, here you only need 2 articles this are manually approved moderated directories, so u need high quality content written you can pay for 2 articles its not much at all 5-10$ and its worth"

Other places to build links:
1- Audio Sharing Sites.
2- document shareing sites.
3- video shareing sites.
4- Social media.
5- Competitors backlinks.
6- web directory.
7- Guest Posts
8- Web 2.0
9- Infographics
10- Bookmarks
by LoLLaR
11- image sharing sites
12- Prezi is one of my favorite backlink source" https://prezi.com/


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