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JMG Questionnaire Pro - Survey for Joomla
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JMG Questionnaire Pro - Survey for Joomla
JMG Questionnaire Pro - Survey for Joomla12
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Created 2022-09-17
Updated: 2022-09-18
Version 1.0.23
Developer: JooMega
Size 293.3 KB
Author Azrolan
Downloads 26
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With this professional questionnaire component for Joomla! you can easily and quickly create quiz questions, exam forms for students and medical history forms for patients. Just follow a few simple steps to create your online questionnaires. First, you need to ask questions and then include them in your questionnaire. Have you been implementing and running tests or quizzes with standard form extensions so far? Then it's time to change. With JMG Questionnaire's automatic evaluation, you only need to mark each answer option as correct or incorrect once.
Do you want to create your own surveys?

With this Joomla! component you can create different types of questionnaires:

    Personality test
    Create worksheets easily online
    A/B tests
    Graded quiz
    Multiple choice quiz
    Knowledge quiz
    IQ test
    Yes-or-No Quiz
    True or False Quiz
    Practice quiz for pupils and students
    Medical history form
    Anonymous questionnaire
    Multi Step Questionnaire
    Opinion survey
    Online survey
    Customer survey
    Targeted questioning of persons by invitation ID

The following questioning techniques are supported by the component:

    Open questions are formulated in such a way that the interlocutor can answer in any way. What the answer will be is open. In many cases, open questions start with "W", the so-called W-questions: what, who, with what, why, for what, when, how, where, ...
    Closed questions are formulated in such a way that the interlocutor can basically only answer with "yes" or "no".
    Single choice questions have several possible answers, but the respondent can only choose one of them.
    Multiple choice, also known as answer-choice, is a questioning technique used in exams, tests, examinations and surveys in which there are several pre-formulated answers to choose from for a question.

Questionnaires are well suited for:

    Driving schools
    Medical practices
    medical institutes

Which user groups are allowed to participate in surveys and fill out questionnaires?

    Anonymous, for unregistered visitors to your website. Anyone may participate in the survey.
    Registered, for registered users only. Login required.

You can perform calculations based on the results you receive. Use your insights to make better, data-driven decisions.

Evaluate a survey in simple steps.

Professional design is elementary for questionnaires. Our templates guarantee a positive impression.
Send questionnaires to targeted individuals via email.

It is possible to send a unique generated link by e-mail and thus personally invite someone to participate in a survey.
Multi Step Questionnaire.

The questionnaire can be completed in multiple steps. Individual questions are asked on separate pages and can be answered step by step.
Is an anonymous survey possible?

Yes: Surveys can be answered anonymously, so that no conclusions can be drawn about individual participants. This means that they do not store any personal data and are therefore not subject to the requirements of the DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation).
Create worksheets easily online.

With JMG Questionnaire you can easily design worksheets without any previous knowledge. From simple quiz questions to mathematical calculation functions, you will find everything you need for your online teaching.


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