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BFP - Brute Force Protection Pro
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j3.x -j4.x
BFP - Brute Force Protection Pro
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Created 2024-01-18
Updated: 2024-01-18
Developer: Kubik-Rubik
Size 79.57 KB
Author Azrolan
Downloads 15
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Shield your site from unauthorized access attempts with the security plugin Brute Force Protection to prevent brute-force login strategies. This plugin operates by adding an extra layer of protection to the backend login form, kicking in after a specified number of failed login attempts.

Upon reaching this limit, a user is required to successfully solve a simple arithmetic task - a captcha - to proceed, regardless of whether the entered credentials are correct. If further failed attempts are made post-captcha, the plugin completely blocks access to the backend from the offending IP address for a predetermined grace period. This access lock can also be applied to the front end of your site for comprehensive security.

Blocked IP addresses are stored securely in a protected lock folder as compact files. Once the grace period for a specific IP address has lapsed, its corresponding file is automatically purged from the lock folder. This automated process ensures your system remains efficient and uncluttered.

Using this plugin, you fortify your site's defence against unauthorized entry, providing a safe and secure environment for your legitimate users.


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