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Created 2023-12-29
Updated: 2023-12-29
Version 1.0.0
Developer: Ruud van Lent
Size 36.17 KB
Author Azrolan
Downloads 14
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Unlock unbeatable website security with ochCaptcha – prioritize privacy, boost performance, and customize with ease, all without relying on external scripts or compromising user experience.

Benefits of ochCaptcha:

  • Enhance website security: Effectively protect your website from spam, bots, and automated attacks, ensuring the integrity and security of your online presence.
  • Protect user privacy: Comply with strict data privacy regulations like GDPR by keeping user data and interactions within the confines of your Joomla website.
  • Improve website performance: Optimize CAPTCHA verification locally, eliminating latency and performance overhead associated with external scripts, leading to faster page loading times and a smoother user experience
  • Gain complete control: Customize the CAPTCHA to your specific needs and preferences, tailoring the difficulty level, error messages, and accessibility features to match your website's requirements.
  • Reduce reliance on third-party services: Eliminate the dependency on external CAPTCHA providers, fostering greater autonomy and self-reliance in website security and privacy management.

Features of ochCaptcha

  • Seamless integration: Easily integrate ochCaptcha into your Joomla website forms, whether visible or invisible, ensuring a smooth and unobtrusive user experience.
  • GDPR compliance: Designed to meet the strict data privacy requirements of GDPR, ensuring that user data is handled responsibly and securely.
  • Local verification: Verify CAPTCHA responses locally without relying on external scripts, minimizing latency and optimizing performance.
  • Granular customization: Customize various aspects of the CAPTCHA, including minimum post requirements, error messages, accessibility features, and visual appearance.

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