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No Boss API Platform Pro 2. No Boss API Platform Pro 2.0.18
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Created 2021-11-03
Developer: No Boss Technology
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Author joompaid
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Create APIs for your applications quickly and securely.

The No Boss API Platform product is perfect for generating APIs to communicate your systems and databases with different applications. You can create services that send and receive data in JSON and / or XML format.

How it works

  • Through No Boss API Platform you will create services that consume or generate data for any system and/or site that allows you connect to the database by direct connection or through ODBC. It is also possible to exchange information via SOAP.
  • The services run from a script that can be programmed in any language, since the data is transmitted via XML or JSON. Because the product is developed in PHP, we recommend that you use the same language in the programming of your script.
  • If you plan to integrate two systems, it is important to know that the product is not a direct integrator. If you want to send data from a system A to a system B, for example, you can run a service that consumes the data from system A and then send it to system B by executing another service created specifically for this system.
  • In addition to being useful for generating integration APIs, Webservice has a feature that allows you to create a service with a SQL query and the data return is presented as a report in a Webservice graphical interface.
    • Click here to see an example report generated from an SQL query.
  • The product is thought to meet security requirements and therefore has an area with permissions control of each service with complete ACL:
    • Each application has its own registry detailing the permissions of each service created.
    • Third-party subcontractors as well as different areas within your own company can create integrations having only restricted access to what you need.

Success cases

No Boss API Platform has already been used in several projects and systems of our company and the main client to use is the Jesuit Network of Education where they applied the product together with a consultancy of our company in two situations:

  • System for requesting Scholarships: in this system, which is used throughout Brazil with a large amount of data, we use Webservice to integrate Totvs Educational and Microsoft Dynamics together with the system developed to request the scholarships.
  • User query system: simple system for data recovery, but consumes data through the Webservice of a database with thousands of Totvs Educational records.


For correct operation of the product, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Server where the product will be installed:
    • Minimum version of PHP is 5.3.10+
    • MYSQL
    • Allow communication with external requests made in security protocol (HTTPS)
    • Preferably have SSL certificate installed on the server to allow to run the product in security protocol (HTTPS)
    • Being with mcrypt functions installed and enabled in php.ini
    • CURL enabled
    • Allow direct connection to database or through ODBC with other servers
  • Have programming skills or hire consulting to develop the scripts that will consume the services created within the product.
  • The solution can be purchased as an extension Joomla or as system. If you do not know what Joomla is or even has not installed on your server, choose a "System" type plan at the time of purchase.
  • The installation of the product is very easy and can occur in only 15 minutes, as long as the server is properly configured.

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