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JSN PageBuilder 3 PRO JSN PageBuilder 3 PRO
(0 votes)
Created 2018-04-13
Updated 2021-01-09
Version 1.5.8
Size 2.92 MB
Author JoomlaShine
(0 votes)
Created by joompaid
Downloads 54
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Main Features

Innovative UI/UX

JSN PageBuilder 3 has revolutionary UI/UX design with simple but useful top menu, organized element panel, powerful inspector and smart pickers. Which helps to build and setup Joomla! pages without hassle.

Full composing elements

There are more than 40 page builder elements with multiple variants for Joomla! user to create virtually all kinds of website page. All of them are arranged in groups of elements such as Layout, Heading, Joomla! modules, Icon...

Flexible access

Joomla! page builder screen can be displayed as an articles composer of TinyMCE. It means users can open the extension by access to Component menu or Content menu on Joomla! admin bar. Moreover, page content also can be edited by admin directly on front-end.

Strong compatibility

The extension allows web pages to present content from database, modules and add-on extensions. All kind of content like text, video, photo… are able to display.

More Features

100% responsive

Website layout created by JoomlaShine Page Builder would be presented nicely on all devices because of the automatic resized mechanism. All pages are mobile-ready without any coding or configuration.

Intuitive visual composer

All page builder elements have lively interaction and smooth drag-and-drop operation. Therefore, they provide perfect visual for editing to build easily content articles, modules, and more. Users see what they will get during the progress.

Joomla! Integration

As a popular Joomla! page builder extension, JSN PageBuilder 3 works perfectly with all well-known template frameworks and keep performance of other extensions staying the same without any affect on functionality.

Rich content builder

40 page builder elements which cover all kind of website content will fulfill demands on even most complex Joomla! Pages. Home page, product page, blog article and listing, about page, portfolio, etc will be composed in minutes.

Page builder preset

JSN PageBuilder 3 allows users to save their work on each elements as presets to reuse. It means building the new pages would be much more faster when all styles and customized elements are prepared and always be ready.

Easy Joomla! Module

Creating a module on website page would be easier than ever with powerful Joomla! module element. All you need to do is dragging the element to appropriate position.

Joomla! media selector

Instead of selecting media on the other tab as default Joomla! media selector, now users can manage and pick up media by one click during their work on JoomlaShine Page Builder via convenient media selector interface.

SEO friendly

JoomlaShine Page Builder also support users in on-page optimization by heading element with multiple variants. The element helps to add and optimize heading for SEO on-page. Web pages content would be beautiful and SEO friendly.

Joomla! Page Builder Elements

Element panel of JoomlaShine Page Builder contains 23 groups of elements. They are:
-Layout: the element provides multiple variants to divide web pages into sections.
-Heading: 10 variants of heading help to optimize content in various styles.
-Paragraph: 9 variants for all kinds of paragraph.
-Icon Box: 6 types of content box that contain icons.
-Image Box: 8 attractive content box selections with images.
-Testimonial: 4 options to display professional customer feedback.
-Team Member: 4 ways to show your workforce persuasively.
-Pricing Tables: the significant element to build an informative and effective product page.
-Button: 10 options for strong call-to-actions on landing pages.
-Image: 6 variants for an impressive visual content presentation.
-Icon: more and more icons to decor a lively page.
-Progress: the element provides 4 ways to show charts, poles or similar kind of data.
-List: users can choose to show organized highlights with bullet points, numbers or icons.
-Tabs: very useful element to present long content but still maintain the coherence.
-Accordion: interactive element which helps to show content that is similar to FAQs.
-Google Map: simply display location from Google Map nicely.
-Divider: multiple options to divide long page content.
-QRCode: more authority with attached QRCode
-Social: elements for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are available now, and they will be updated more with other social networks.
-Media: there are 4 elements for Soundcloud, HTML5, Vimeo and Youtube.
-Advanced: it allows advanced page builder users to use table and custom HTML.
-Joomla: this group contains 2 crucial elements which are Read More and Jooma! Modules.
-Articles: 3 variants of listing blog articles.

For Advance Joomla! Users

Beside the Advanced element which allows users to use custom HTML, each element of JoomlaShine Page Builder has advanced options on inspector panel. These options include animation editing, display selections, attributes, visibility and custom CSS.
Animation editing make web page more interactive with scroll down and mouse over effects. Display selections are Inline, Block and Flex. Attributes are very easy to use with Class and Custom Value for Name. Visibility helps users to optimized web pages for different devices which are Laptop, Tablet and Mobile. The last is custom CSS, simply allows advanced users to add CSS code.

Requirement for using JoomlaShine Page Builder

Joomla! Requirement
Joomla! 3.6+
Software: PHP 5.4.x or higher versions
MySQL 5.1 +
SQL Server 10.50.1600.1 +
PostgreSQL 8.3.18 +
Web Server
Apache 2.0 +
Microsoft IIS 7 +
Nginx 1.0
Browser For Backend
Google Chrome 10 +
Firefox 4 +

Change Log


Improve video popup
Fix block element style
Improve front end javascript loader mechanism
Improve data store mechanism
Enable rich toolbar for Paragraph element


Upgrade JSN EXT Framework
Improve video popup
Articles & K2 element are missing image on front end
Fix bugs on safari
Add link pick to link field


Improve tab element
Improve custom module element
Improve custom HTML element
Fix video element
Improve animations picker
Fix preset style


Update free and trial edition
Instagram element
Parallax background for section
Animation when scrolling down
Animation when mouse over
Improve performance


Add Joomla link picker
Add Google and Facebook event tracking
Improve readmore element
Improve Joomla Article element
Improve app init mechanism
Improve performance
Improve Media selector


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchased products, we will refund full amount, no questions asked.
You will have 30 days to try out the product and make sure that it fits your needs.

Innovative Joomla! Page Builder version 3 from JoomlaShine with revolutionary upgrades to serve Joomla! users at any level. Now complex Joomla! pages will be built in minutes, cost of time and efforts would be saved and there will be more space for creativity.

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thank you for update

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Please update 1.5.7

Thx !

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Please Update 1.5.7

Thx !

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