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SIGE - Simple Image Gallery Extended Pro
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SIGE - Simple Image Gallery Extended Pro
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Created 2023-11-29
Updated: 2023-11-29
Version V5
Developer: Kubik-Rubik
Size 918.6 KB
Author Azrolan
Downloads 13
Website Demo external

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Simple Image Gallery Extended (SIGE) offers a dynamic platform to seamlessly integrate pictures into your articles. Its distinctive feature lies in its versatility - every parameter can be controlled directly through the syntax call.

SIGE Pro introduces a backend component, allowing users to manage galleries directly from the site's backend. This streamlines workflow provides enhanced control and offers a comprehensive view of all galleries, significantly improving the management of large image quantities.

The Pro version's backend component enables direct uploading and editing of images and handles complex tasks efficiently. This significantly reduces loading times and improves overall site performance, especially when processing large images or creating extensive galleries, making SIGE Pro a powerful tool for creating high-quality, professional image galleries.

A valuable complement to SIGE, the Editor Button allows you to effortlessly tweak parameters on-the-fly within an article, streamlining the image integration process.

Key features of SIGE include direct parameter call, watermark functionality, IPTC data reading, thumbnail storage, image cropping, various sorting options, list output, CSS image tooltip, and the Editor Button, among others.

One of the most remarkable innovations of SIGE is its Turbo Mode. Unlike any other Joomla! plugins, the turbo mode substantially speeds up the image-loading process by creating two text files from the gallery's HTML output, which are then loaded in successive runs. This bypasses the need to process each image individually. During a test with 50 large images, a gallery equipped with features like thumbnail saving, watermark generation, and original image resizing took only 1 second to create in Turbo Mode, compared to over 17 seconds required without it.

To further enhance the user experience, an Editor Button is available for adding the galleries into articles. This button displays all the settings and parameters of the plugin, making the syntax selection process significantly more straightforward and enriching the overall usage of the SIGE plugin.



  • Thumbnail generation and storage: Preview images are created and stored - faster loading, better quality
  • Valid XHTML 1.1 / HTML 5 - CSS and JS files are included in the head section, eliminates syntax errors
  • Turbo Mode - the whole gallery is loaded from a text file
  • Parameter call - individual galleries possible
  • Integration of Slimbox, Lytebox, Shadowbox, Milkbox and Mootools
  • Lytebox installed to display a slide show and avoidance of JS conflicts
  • Number of images displayed adjustable
  • Pictures can be displayed without a link -> web 1.0 gallery
  • Random order of the images
  • Sort by modification date possible
  • Captions
  • Read IPTC data (title and description)
  • Read text file (title and description) - support for multilingual files
  • Print option - print image easily in the JS view
  • Download Option - download image with one click
  • Show single image (no gallery and with gallery)
  • List view - image output as a list
  • Crop function
  • Watermark function
  • CSS Image Tooltip
  • Editor Button - SIGE Parameter
  • Link words with gallery
  • Original image can be resized
  • An index.html is automatically generated in each image folder, to protect against the reading of the content by the browser
  • Backend German / English and some more languages

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