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CW Article Gallery CW Article Gallery UPDATED
(0 votes)
Created 2017-03-28
Updated 2019-05-21
Version 4.2.17
Size 497.64 KB
Author CW Joomla
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Created by joompaid
Downloads 43
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- Simplest and fastest Gallery for Joomla Articles
- Adds a tab for gallery into Joomla Article form
- Manage Image gallery right on the article edit page
- Drag and drop image upload
- Drag and drop sorting images
- AJAX & jQuery powered
- As simple as possible to be user friendly!
- Position of gallery at the top / bottom of article text or inside the text with syntax
- Generating thumbnail sizes individually in each article (or keep global plugin settings)
- Possibility to re-generate thumbnails within article edit
- Editor button to add gallery syntax into article text
- Responsive gallery display
- Available to implement in FRONTEND article edit.
- Toggle hide/show unpublished images in gallery administration for better gallery management

FREE Version has limited ammount of images in gallery

ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT as we use it on our sites too;)

ONE Click install package for all 3 used plugins and you are ready to go! (Check if you have published plugins;)

Find more informations in Documentation.

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