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JUX Watermark NEW
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J4.x & J5.x
JUX Watermark
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Created 2024-07-08
Updated: 2024-07-12
Version 1.0.0
Developer: JoomlaUX
Size 1.1 MB
Author Azrolan
Downloads 5
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Effortless Branding and Image Protection Across Every Element Elevate your Joomla website's visual appeal and protect your valuable images seamlessly with the JUX Watermark extension. This powerful tool empowers users to add logos or images to their visuals across articles, modules, and components, ensuring a consistent and professional presentation throughout the entire Joomla ecosystem.

Universal Watermarking

JUX Watermark breaks boundaries by offering watermarking capabilities not just for articles but also for modules and components. Whether it's the featured images in articles, banners in modules, or media in components, our extension ensures your brand leaves a lasting mark.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Tailor your watermark to perfection with features that allow you to change the size, opacity, and position of your logo or image. This level of customization ensures that your watermark seamlessly integrates with your visuals, providing a polished and professional touch.

Effortless Reversion

We understand the importance of preserving your original images. JUX Watermark simplifies the process by supporting the reversal to the original image, offering flexibility without compromising the integrity of your visual content.

Versatility Across Elements

Whether you're working with articles, modules, or components, JUX Watermark adapts to your needs. Enjoy a consistent and streamlined user experience as you manage watermarks effortlessly across different sections of your Joomla website.

Multi-Dimensional Branding

Reinforce your brand identity with multi-dimensional watermarking. Customize how your logo appears on article images, module banners, or component media, ensuring a cohesive and professional branding strategy throughout your Joomla site.

Comprehensive Image Protection

JUX Watermark goes beyond article-centric watermarking, extending its protective features to modules and components. Safeguard your visual assets comprehensively, fortifying your brand presence across every aspect of your Joomla-powered platform.

See it in Action:

Enhance the visual coherence of your Joomla website, fortify your brand image, and confidently showcase your content with JUX Watermark. This extension seamlessly integrates watermarking capabilities into articles, modules, and components, offering a comprehensive solution for users seeking a professional and unified visual presentation across their entire Joomla platform.


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