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Created 2021-05-04
Version 1.1.13
Developer: joomboost
Size 311 B
Author joompaid
Downloads 51
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JoomCRM is a Joomla CRM (Customer Relationship Management) component that lets you organize your sales and grow your business quickly and easily.

Main Features

  • Contacts management
  • Leads management
  • Deals management
  • Companies management
  • Tasks and events with calendar support
  • Goals management
  • Predefined and custom reports
  • User dashboard
  • Notes management
  • Documents management
  • Activities log
  • Forms builder
  • Data import
  • Mobile friendly
  • Email inbox integration

Deals Management

  • You can track all of your deals and their progress, no more wondering what stage a particular deal is in, by knowing exactly what stage a deal is you can close more of them.
  • Create and manage deal stages to better represent where each currently exists as you move the deal through your sales process
  • Use deal sources to understand which marketing methods are most profitable for your business
  • Ability to create custom fields to track all the data you require to better manage and win your deals
  • Add deal name, summary and amount
  • Ability to add more details to deal like company name, select stage, status , expected close, source, primary contact, probability
  • Fast adding, editing and deleting deals using AJAX technology
  • Easy notes and documents management inside deal details
  • Customize deals table columns easily
  • Powerful deals filter (by stage, by user, by closing time ....)
  • Ability to import and export deals with fields mapping capability
  • Latest activities on each deal
  • Easy tasks and events management in the deal
  • Ability to associate more persons to a deal
  • Ability to share, print and archive a deal
  • Custom fields support
  • Ability to display deal details as cards or tabs

Persons and Leads Management

  • Leads are easy to add and can be quickly updated. Track and update status, monitor progress, and move leads through stages.
  • Persons can have notes, emails, conversations, files, and all types of events and tasks associated with them.
  • Powerful persons contacts filter (by owner, status, keywords ...)
  • Fast adding, editing and deleting persons using AJAX technology
  • Customize persons table columns easily
  • Ability to import and export persons with fields mapping capability
  • Latest activities on each person
  • Ability to associate person to a deal
  • Custom fields support
  • Upload person picture
  • Ability to associate person to a company and add it's position
  • Ability to display person details as cards or tabs
  • Auto Joomla user creation when adding or importing a new person

Companies Management

  • Companies are easy to add and can be quickly updated. Track won deals, and total pipeline.
  • Companies can have notes, deals, persons, events, documents, and more ..
  • Fast adding, editing and deleting companies using AJAX technology
  • Customize companies table columns easily
  • Ability to import and export companies with fields mapping capability
  • Latest activities on each company
  • Ability to display company details as cards or tabs
  • Custom fields support

Pipeline Management

  • Check information of all deals currently in an active state within the system. Easily see your total company value.
  • Check a snapshot of your pipeline and all the deals organized by their stage in a single convenient location.
  • Ability to create filtered pipeline reports for specific fields and associated revenues.

Teams Management

  • Allow Joomla users to create and manage their own team and send invitations to join their teams (SaaS feature)
  • Ability to allow / disallow team creation from frontend using Joomla ACL
  • JoomCRM allows managers to be appointed and oversee a team of other users, these managers have access to all information added by their team.
  • Data entered by team members can be easily shared between users. All details can be viewed and updated by others increasing collaboration.
  • Teams are created as easily as assigning them to the same manager from backend. You can name teams or use the manager as the team name.

Users Access

  • Integrated with Joomla users
  • Easily manage teams of users and executive level accounts
  • Ability to share leads, contacts, and deals between users. You can selectively allow the sharing of specific items with others

Custom Reports

  • Create a new report easily, you only have to drag and drop the fields you want to use and name your new report. Save it and run whenever
  • JoomCRM has several common reports already added which can be run with a single click. Save your own custom reports for easy reuse.
  • Drag and drop existing fields to use in dynamic calculations. You can create various formulas you need which are unique to your business.

Custom Forms

  • Form Wizard to create the lead and contact forms for your CRM. Select the fields you want included and the form will be created for you.
  • Shortcode plugin to display form anywhere in your Joomla website
  • Collect information from anywhere. Simply place the provided HTML code where you want the form and the submissions will be captured.

Newsletter Integration

  • JoomCRM integrates with the widespread Joomla component AcyMailing to offer email newsletter functionality and list management.
  • Ability to see email opens and link clicks that have occurred within the newsletter extension directly within your CRM person view.

Email Inbox Integration

  • JoomCRM will attempt to automatically determine the lead or contact referenced by your email and associate the email as a note on their account.
  • If the system cannot automatically make the association the emails appear privately on your dashboard to give you the option to manually associate them
  • You can send email to the CRM from multiple email addresses. Register all your accounts to have the system recognize your emails automatically.

Goals Management

  • Create an unlimited number of goals in a variety of types based on the metrics you wish to capture. Create Sales, progress, communication goals and more.
  • Create goals for specific individuals as well as team and company wide goals. These goals help everyone see expected goals and progress.
  • Encourage friendly competition between team members through the use of leader boards configured to showcase who is performing the best.

More Features

  • Joomla extension update integration
  • Namespaced Bootstrap 4, no more conflicts with old templates
  • Ability to display CRM in full screen mode
  • and more ...

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