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JoomGra JoomGrabber
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j3.x -j4.x
File Details
Created 2021-06-02
Updated: 2022-07-11
Version 1.3.9
Developer: joomboost
Size 5.99 MB
Author joompaid
Downloads 79
Website Demo external
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JoomGrabber is an advanced tool that let you grab and fetch data from out-side and store it in your Joomla website, this grabber Joomla Extension can collect any external data sources (RSS, XML, NewsML, Youtube, ebay, email, ...) and store into any Joomla 3rd party Extension (K2, FLEXIcontent, DocMan, VirtueMart ...).

This Joomla Aggregator Automated-Engine offers you fully control of:
- Where to collect content for your Joomla site
- How to re-format the content before pass it to 3rd party Joomla Extension
- Where the content will be stored

✅Main Features

  • Collect content from ANY external sources
  • Re-format collected content with smart processors
  • Store into ANY third-party Joomla! Extensions
  • Auto run with Cronjob (Scheduler)
  • Logs system 

? Available Engines

  • RSS Reader: to read RSS Feed, to offer RSS Feed to Post functionality.
  • Links Finder: this engine should be used to fetch the URLs of items from any HTML webpages.
  • Ebay: grab Ebay products easily
  • Email: deal with your configured mailbox to grab email contents
  • TxtFolder: this engine get .txt files from a configurable folder and return filename as title and text content as full-text.
  • XMLFolder: this engine get .xml files from a configurable folder and return filename and xml tags as outputs.
  • Youtube: fetch videos from any Youtube playlists
  • Google News: A special engine which could collect news from Google News base on keywords.

⚙️ Available Processors

  • Alias: create slug from text/title/subject.
  • Combine: combine fields together into one output field using shortcode.
  • Duplicate: check and prevent duplicate data items from source, recommend to use right after alias.
  • Cut Introtext: cutting text into two parts.
  • Get Fulltext: getting fulltext from a link. 
  • Get XPath: extract a piece of code from the html input using XPath query. 
  • Get Images: get images from a link or html.
  • Keywords Filter: filter by keywords with AND, OR and NOT operators.
  • Strip Tags: strip html tags out of input html or text.
  • Change Time: adjust date/time.
  • Save Image: save image from a given link
  • HTML Decoder: decode html string
  • HTML Parser: magic processor to extract html parts from a page
  • Regex Replacer: find and replace complex content using Regex
  • Original Source: output original source link
  • HTML to BBcode: convert all HTML elements from a field to BBCODE format.
  • Static value: concat text/code before or after a given input
  • TextSpinner: spin text to differnt text by using synonyms words. This processor currently supports English & French.
  • Youtube Info: grab details info of a video from a Youtube link
  • Get Meta: grab meta keywords and meta description from source pages
  • Google News URL: get real google news url

? Available Adapters

  • Joomla articles
  • K2 articles
  • Virtuemart products
  • Zoo Items
  • Kunena posts
  • Docman items
  • FlexiContent items

➕ More Features

  • Joomla auto update system
  • Joomla ACL
  • Preview processor and engine output
  • Pipes Library
  • Import / Export pipes
  • Import from obGrabber
  • Cron Job true CURL and CLI
  • Cron Job true CURL with Secret key
  • Support 3 mode of posting: manual, autorun, cronjob
  • Scheduling time
  • Save pipe as template
  • and more ...

? Last Updates

v1.3.7 (01/05/2021)

New Features

  • Force extension name of image if doesn't exist or unknown [Save Image Processor]
  • Ability to display default image from random folder [Get Images Processor]
  • Support of protected RSS Feeds with basic http authentication [RSS Engine]


  • support of multiple tabs when of displaying form [Engines/Adapters Plugins] [Params layout]
  • use cache option improved
  • Cronjob execution now is internal instead of using curl method

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Kindly Update !

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hello 1.3.9 shared

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any luck? with update?

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Please update

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1.3.9 out

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