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DJ-Classifieds DJ-Classifieds Pro HOT
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j3.x -j4.x
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Created 2017-02-17
Updated: 2023-07-27
Version 3.10.1
Developer: DJ-Extensions
Size 6.22 MB
Author joompaid
Downloads 412
Website Demo external

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If you are looking for an easy to use Joomla extension for creating classified ads with your Joomla 3 and Joomla 4, then DJ Classifieds will be the best solution for you.

It's a powerful classifieds tool for building the classifieds section on your website. It'll do all the hard work for you.

This classified ads extension is suitable to create any classifieds. It does not matter if you want to create a general ads section, job listing, real-estate ads, dating portal, or city portal classifieds.

DJ Classifieds classified ads extension comes with many useful features.

Your classifieds can bring you extra revenue by monetizing the many options available to users.
This extension offers advanced search module flexibility and provides a highly configurable location set up.

You can set an unlimited amount of custom fields.

Get the whole community engaged on your site, with auction selling options that do it a smooth and efficient service for both buyers and sellers.

Easily customize the layout of categories into a blog and table view, and even in the advert details view as well.

DJ Classifieds classified ads component has a built-in slider, which gives the possibility to display classifieds attractively!

Each user or advertiser can access a personal panel to manage ads.
DJ Classifieds users can add images and video URLs from Youtube or Vimeo.

It also offers many free modules - you can build your classifieds website easily and quickly.

DJ Classifieds works with many 3rd party Joomla extensions, and it offers premium apps - you can add extra functionality to DJ Classifieds, allowing to use additional features.

Some of the DJ Classifieds classified ads extension features:

  • Auctions Buy now feature
  • Watermarks Email templates
  • HTML5 geolocation option to edit ads by unregistered users
  • Conditional fields
  • Recurring payments
  • multi-upload Search in defined radius from Post Code. Now user can search classifieds only at a certain distance from his place.
  • Possibility to display extra fields in category (table or blog) view. You can choose if you want to make a separate column for a filed in the table view or if you want to display all extra fields in one column 'additional info.' Possibility to disable adding adverts to a certain category. You can use this feature to force your users to post ads in subcategories, not in main categories. For example, in 'vans' instead of 'cars.'
  • 'Move to the top of the list' feature - users can move their ads to the top of the list. And you can charge for that.
  • Jomsocial integration plugin included
  • Community Builder integration
  • Yandex Maps support
  • Easy social integration
  • GDPR component integration.
  • Responsive templates support
  • Payment plugins - Payment plugins allow you to charge for classifieds with different payment methods.
  • Types - Types are like additional categorization for adverts. You can use it for things like "free," "exchange," or whatever comes to your mind.
  • Duration - If you want to charge a different price for the amount of time the advert is published, you can add unlimited durations.
  • Monetize - Place any banner or AdSense ad in different module positions inside the component! There are plenty of module positions inside the component that you can evaluate for your promotional or other purposes.
  • Locations - Highly configurable locations set up. Set country and almost any location scenario (country-state-city, or country-city-suburb-street, etc.), Works with google maps module, Unlimited locations
  • Categories - Unlimited categories, Categories with images, Display amount of adverts in a category, Individual rates for category (you can charge for posting into a certain category), Restrict category to certain user groups
  • Extra fields - In DJ Classifieds, you can set an unlimited set of custom fields to fit them into business areas your site will advertise.
  • Show Google Maps on click
  • Microdata tags support
  • Print for ads
  • Batch Processing

Multifunctional modules

  • DJ Classifieds comes with free modules that let you build your classifieds Joomla website easily: search module, categories module, maps module, the user menu module
  • Advanced search module - The search/filter gives you the option to allow to search/filter the results basing on many different conditions.
  • Google-maps-integration
  • Videos and images - let users add images and videos - youtube/Vimeo set amount of images set the weight of the images advanced images pre and post-processing [recreate] search for ads with videos and images


DJ-Classifieds ver. 3.9

  • Joomla 4 compatibility
  • optimized performance
  • jQuery instead of MooTools
  • rewritten views/layouts
  • new layouts
  • reorganised configuration
  • field multiple groups support
  • favourite profiles
  • profiles search in search module
  • new 'Captcha' param for choosing captcha plugin
  • meta keywords/description fields in regions
  • new param to disallow adding adverts to regions
  • Option to show results info in category/region
  • ajax ordering in admin list views
  • field checkobox 'Values separator' new param
  • 'useglobal' menu items param support
  • default image as svg (no-image.svg)
  • 'Icon' field param
  • new 'Link text' field param
  • 'Profile verification user group map' new param
  • durations labels new param
  • additem hiding category if one only
  • categories page 'Excluded categories' new param
  • new 'userpayments' view
  • admin export payments
  • category tree mod. 'Excluded categories' new param
  • new 'Expiration notification copy to admin' param
  • 'Expiration notif. front/admin send limit' params
  • 'Hide empty' params in cattree/regtree views
  • 'Search by' param to set core fields for search
  • item unpublished info in item page (for ad author)
  • extended admin items search by word filter
  • including ghost ads in orders/sales/bids history
  • 'Auction ads renew lock' new param
  • 'Reserve price not reached' info on userbids page
  • userbids 'Ended' text for non-current auctions
  • region column & filter in admin items table
  • new 'Auction/BuyNow ads edit lock' param
  • 'View all adverts' profile link in item page
  • 'Show auctions' param in orders/sales history
  • new 'Autopublish' option ('Edit only')
  • hiding Add Item BuyNow if no Price field found
  • items mod.: 'Closest to browsed item' ord. option
  • Abuse reports for all users with captcha
  • Option to hide adult content on all items list
  • profiles page sorting params
  • changing lists default ordering per menu item
  • Leaflet plugin: 'Attribution Prefix' new param
  • Ajax plugin: pagination 'Load more button' param
  • admin field's 'Attributes' param textarea change
  • loading profile fields in search module based on field group
  • auctions improvements
  • admin 'remove from all cats' form helper param
  • 'no-image' class on imgs with default image
  • hiding unchoosable promotions
  • expiration email fail send improvement
  • item region alias in old override url SEO improv.
  • buynow form POST to GET change
  • profile edit view core/more fields html wrappers
  • cat id info in custom fields html wrapper
  • captcha below verif. alert in registration change
  • field search values save with spaces trimmed out
  • loading 'default' theme overrides removed
  • admin items list tooltip desc for Ordering column
  • new lang const for no results in fav.profile items
  • not used columns removed
  • payment plugins lowercase change for j4 compatibility
  • item price section moved to separate sub-view
  • additem view split into subviews
  • payment plugins' method output as a component's layout
  • batch fields based on .xml files
  • pkg description added
  • Ajax plugin items infinite scroll improved support
  • authorize.net improvements
  • support widget css conflict FIX
  • fields display in profile FIX
  • extra images payment FIX
  • additem form validation FIX
  • custom field's price negotiable checkbox label FIX
  • admin field apostrophe js error FIX
  • extra chars payment FIX
  • extra chars price from category duration FIX
  • playing youtube shorts videos FIX
  • type reset during free renew FIX
  • additem type labels required validation FIX
  • djimage hide empty img on load FIX
  • cid/rid in items list router FIX
  • search zero values filter FIX
  • point payment only for prom. move to top FIX
  • useritems coupons payment method display FIX
  • search module google places js error FIX
  • deleted user profile link FIX
  • complete auction after buynow FIX
  • admin license warning FIX
  • ended userbids showing buynow winning price FIX
  • approximate date display timezone FIX
  • loading date default values from profile field FIX
  • 'key too long' install FIX
  • Ajax plugin: pagination urls FIX
  • Ajax plugin: duplicated items on blog sort FIX
  • OSMap plugin: relative urls FIX
  • Invoice manager plugin: loading lang file FIX
  • Pagebreak plugin: error on params get FIX
  • lang fixes

DJ-Classifieds ver.
- ! items promotions exp. date calculation after edit FIX
- ! ajax call routing FIX
- ! privacy policy modal FIX
- ! terms/privacy in modal in item page FIX
- ! items module add to favourites FIX
- ! add item to favourites without ID router FIX
- ! default theme items module fav icon FIX
- ! editing items from deleted plans subscriptions FIX
- ! Falang search fields translation FIX
- ! admin coupon controller save FIX
- ! admin item desc editor-xtd missing buttons FIX
- ! admin edit profile show fields if no profile saved
- ! image uploader jquery UI button lib FIX
- ! $item_cid warning in payment plugins FIX
- ! offers views overrides FIX
- ! quantity 1 on buynow item renew with 0 quantity
- ! ad expire in parameter numeric filter

DJ-Classifieds ver.
- ! ask seller email sending FIX
- ! loading js lib dependant scripts FIX


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where is content of file is complete blugin and module and application blugin

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Please, update version 3.9

Azrolan Admin    Flor
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hi 3.10.1 version shared.

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Please update DJ-Classifieds 3.9 beta so we can test for J4

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hi 3.10.1 version shared.

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can you update to

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