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j3.x -j4.x

Art SQL to Anything is a tool used to generate Excel, Word, PDF, CSV files from SQL Queries.

Developer: artetics
created:Date 2022-06-26
Website Demo external
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Do you want to execute/create SQL queries and make the results visible in your Joomla? hehe... So easy that you don't believe it.

Developer: Jockham
created:Date 2021-05-07
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j3.x -j4.x

Manages and exports data bases very easy from the backend of Joomla!.

Developer: MatchByte
created:Date 2020-03-23
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j3.x -j4.x

JooDatabase is simple and fast way to include and display external tables (collections, databases) into Joomla. It automatically generates pages containing the table data using editable templates for catalog and single entry views. A form-template allows that users can submit new data from the frontend also.

Developer: Dirk Hoeschen:
created:Date 2019-03-17
Website Demo external