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j3.x -j4.x

JooDatabase is simple and fast way to include and display external tables (collections, databases) into Joomla. It automatically generates pages containing the table data using editable templates

Developer: Dirk Hoeschen:
created:Date 2019-03-17
Website Demo external
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j3.x -j4.x

Manages and exports data bases very easy from the backend of Joomla!.

Developer: MatchByte
created:Date 2020-03-23
Website Demo external
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Do you want to execute/create SQL queries and make the results visible in your Joomla? hehe... So easy that you don't believe it.

Developer: Jockham
created:Date 2021-05-07
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j3.x -j4.x

Art SQL to Anything is a tool used to generate Excel, Word, PDF, CSV files from SQL Queries.

Developer: artetics
created:Date 2022-06-26
Website Demo external