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j3.x -j4.x
SJ Listing Tabs for JoomShopping

Sj Listing Tabs for JoomShopping is a modern and functional Joomla extension for JoomShopping component. This JoomShopping extension will show JoomShopping products as tabs. You can choose whether to display products according to Category tabs or Field Product tabs.

Developer: SmartAddons
created:Date 2023-04-23
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j3.x -j4.x

Addon for multi vendor shopping cart

Frontend part:

  1. Register as a vendor.
  2. Create category, products
  3. Product publication for sale (after admin publish or Configuration auto publish product
Developer: MAXXmarketing Gmb
created:Date 2022-12-20
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SJ Extra Slider for JoomShopping

Using this module, it will support JoomShopping store in showing products with many types of slider. SJ Extra Slider for JoomShopping is made with responsive design and added many extra layouts for your need with various cool effects.

Developer: SmartAddons
created:Date 2022-11-21
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AJAX cart compare products InfoDockBar JoomShopping

One of the main problems on the site, especially in the online shop , is the location of the necessary blocks. There are many modules that simply must be placed in a conspicuous place on all pages to ensure the usability of the store and increase comfort for the client .

Developer: Nevigen
created:Date 2022-10-30
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Characteristic products import


Developer: webdesigner-profi
created:Date 2022-01-23
Website Demo external

Export products to yandex.ru

created:Date 2022-01-22
Website Demo external

Displays product description, characteristics, videos, reviews, files in tab.

It is possible to break the product description for many tabs.

Developer: webdesigner-profi
created:Date 2021-11-29

Addon allows you to set the price of the goods for the client group.
Addon support price of the attributes

Does not support a minimum price

created:Date 2021-10-17
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j3.x -j4.x

The plugin displays and checks the validity captcha when filling out the registration form JoomShopping.

Developer: nevigen
created:Date 2021-08-30

The plugin uses the zoom effect jQuery zoom and is based on a free script with http://zoomsl.tw1.ru/ site and http://www.elevateweb.co.uk/ site

In the plugin settings you can choose three types of the enlarged image:

  1. In a separate window;
  2. In the image window (in the window) (only in the paid version) ;
  3. The effect of a
Developer: brooksite
created:Date 2021-08-30

The unique approach of defining spam bots, based on a diametrically opposite approach to detect spam than Captcha. Unlike solutions with Captcha, which uses the idea to offer the user a task that you can easily solve the people, but which disproportionately more difficult to solve computer in a spam filter uses the definition of actions that can be done only by a robot, and not made by man.

Developer: nevigen
created:Date 2021-05-22
Website Demo external

Module for displaying category trees.


Category view:

  • No - Simple UL LI list category (Use your CSS) (Screenshot 1);
  • Tree view (Screenshot 2);
  • Horisontal menu;
  • Vertical menu (Screenshot 3);

There's a possibility to show only subcategories.
Display count product.

Developer: webdesigner-profi
created:Date 2021-04-20
Website Demo external

Skip checkout step for joomshopping

Developer: webdesigner-profi
created:Date 2021-04-10
Website Demo external

Shipping price Calculate for weight/postal code/count/price/products id

2-10kg / zip code (11111-44444) / count products (1-10) / order price (0-100$) - shipping price = 20$
10-50kg / zip code (11111-44444) / count products (1-10) / order price (0-100$) - shipping price = 30$

Developer: .webdesigner-profi
created:Date 2021-04-03
Website Demo external

its a plugin for  adding Quantity in product list - in joomshopping

Developer: webdesigner-profi
created:Date 2021-03-24
Website Demo external

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